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Two men's Inc. has been leading the 3D printing industry with "3 day priter". Today, we would like to introduce you our innovative 4D printing service.

This service will use something like 3D printer in outer space to somehow build 4D products. In zero gravity space, we can build things 1,000 times faster compared with our existing products

The output prodcut will be shipped dirctly from space to your place with rockets. This service is planned to be launched in 2250 A.D.

Printing 4D in outer space.
Giant leap for mankind.

3 main concepts of this project

About Two men's Inc.

We are operating a 3D printing platform in Japan."3 Day Printer",「3D Printer Network」are our main service.

We are hiring!

We need your skills. Join us and participate in space business.
Job Type : Part-time
Hours : Not Specified
Wages : $9~$9.50/HR
Location : Galaxy
Qualifications :

  • -Astronaut License
  • -Minimum 3+ years of experience in 3D printing in space
  • -Strong interest and knowledge in household tasks
  • -Excellent skill on cooking noodles
  • -Highly accurate touch typing

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